This is the new official site for O.S.C.T.!

Welcome to Ontario Society of Cardiology Technologists (O.S.C.T.)

Welcome to Ontario Society of Cardiology Technologists (O.S.C.T.)

Welcome to Ontario Society of Cardiology Technologists (O.S.C.T.)Welcome to Ontario Society of Cardiology Technologists (O.S.C.T.)Welcome to Ontario Society of Cardiology Technologists (O.S.C.T.)

Establishing and maintaining professional and educational standards 


New Ways to Pay for Dues:

 Now we accept E-transfer! Fast, simple pay anywhere your smart phone has a data connection! Open your banking app and select Interact E-Transfer add this email: to your payees, input your money ($125.00) and account, add your OSCT/CSCT number in the message area, and Bam! You’re paid, you get a digital receipt in your online banking record that it was received. (all dated and time stamped too!) *Note our system will automatically receive the funds,  no secret question is required. 

February 2020 Update:

 Our website has been redeveloped and for your personal information security; CEU totals are not being displayed in members profiles as before. The current platform supports such technology, but in your best interest we have opted out of supporting personal information databases due to many recent data breaches in the medical fields. We have a database that is being regularly updated with your current status information. For CEU total, please email this address and write "total update" in the subject line.  

Contest 2020 Update:

  OSCT Poster Contest

As most of you know, this year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary. As a fun way to mark this milestone and to engage our members we will be holding a poster contest. We want to hear from you what a CVT is, what it means to be a CVT; and the rolls we play in the healthcare field. Make a poster be as creative as you want and submit a photo of your masterpiece to: Along with your name and OSCT number. 

Submissions can be done individually or as a team. The deadline is February 13th 2020 and the winner will be chosen on February 14th 2020 National Cardiology Technologist day! The winning poster will be featured on our social media platforms, our website, and at the 2020 AGM meeting! Incoming email the winners will also receive free admission for the 2020 OSCT AGM and education day! We look forward to seeing what you will come up with.

We will also be holding a video contest with a similar premise which will be announced at a later date. Please keep an eye out and thank you again for your continued support.

Education Inquires:

 Please note: ALL CSCT Exam applications are submitted online via CSCT website. 

New CEU Standards:

 New CEU standards are now in effect. The link to the newly updated CEU standards is available here: 

LOADS of Downloads!:

 Downloads galore and more coming! Need a document quick look here first! 

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 We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our province. Your contribution today helps us make a difference tomorrow. 



 New content, New look, New Information, and much more!